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drool_masters's Journal

HeatHog's Twins
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We were born in NYC on January, 27 2006 to Mommy heathog and Daddy (a nonLJer). We were just a little bit premature (born at 35 weeks and 2 days gestation). Jason is the oldest (by 2 minutes) and weighed 7 ounces more than Zachary. Jason was thrilled to come out and meet Mommy and Daddy, but Zachary was *really* comfortable in Mommy's womb and didn't want to leave yet. He literally had to be pulled out feet first, and during this time, he developed a pneumothorax! It was easily removed by the skilled doctor, but he had to spend his first 4 days in the NICU for observation. Both of us did really well, and both were able to join Mommy and Daddy at our home just outside the Big Apple!

We are already famous--we were featured, along with Mommy, Daddy, and our angel brother, Jacob, on Nightline in February. The piece was called "Life in the NICU", and we were one of four families filmed, and the only ones being shown leaving the hospital!! It was exciting!

Mommy stayed home and took really good care of us for our first 3 months of life! We LOVE our milk and formula, and we were able to jump from the 5th percentile in weight to the 50th!!! Now we spend our weekdays flirting with all of the ladies at daycare, and are trying *very* hard to crawl and turn over! We mastered smiling a couple of months ago, and we are also very good at laughing now, which makes our Mommy and Daddy extremely happy!!

Mommy says we are already well travelled! We've been to New York, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, and we aren't even 6 months old yet! Next month, we are going to CANADA, so we'll be WORLD travellers then!! We'd be excited, but we don't know any better yet!

Well, we have more drooling to do, so we'd better sign off for now! We hope you like our community!!